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218 Ossington Ave. Toronto, ON   CANADA   M6J2Z9

  Serving   7days a week till 2am

a u t u m n  h o u r s 

Monday-Thursday  6pm-3am    Friday 4pm-3am

Saturday-Sunday  2pm-3am

Oysters, Oysters, Oysters on Fridays!



Brie & Prosciutto Charcuterie Plate:
Generous portion of prosciutto & double-cream brie cheese served with pickled red peppers, a salad & an assortment of quality crackers. $12

The Painted Lady's Signature Chili:
Our secret recipe, slow-cooked, home-made beef chili with sun-dried tomatoes. Served with toasted & buttered bread. $7

White Trash Nachos:
A Painted Lady original favourite. People come back for this time & time again! Our delicious signature chili heaped on top of original Frito Lay corn chips, crowned with Cheese Whiz and garnished with sliced Peperoncini peppers. $7

One Love Carribean-Style Vegetarian Corn Soup:
Homemade by Akeelah:
A good sized bowl of this hearty & authentic Carribean favourite voted the best in T.O. $6.75

The Montreal Minx:
Montreal smoked meat piled high between fresh Portuguese bread & complemented with a Polish pickle and a side of sauerkraut. Served hot. Add mustard to taste. $9.50

The Lady's South of The Mason-Dixon Line Sandwich:
A.K.A. 'Jess' Dead-Sexy, Badass-Mother#-*+!n' Pulled Pork Sandwich!':
Slow-cooked for 18 hours, dry-rubbed & double-basted, hand-pulled and served on a fresh Portuguese bun with homemade, secret barbeque sauce. A lot of love goes into this creation people! Influenced by many travels through the best Southern BBQ joints anywhere, we've made it our own... This competes with anything south of the Mason-Dixon line... Seriously. Served with side salad. $9.50

Honey Bee & Basil Grilled Cheese:

A very generous portion of sharp cheddar cheese on fresh Portuguese bread, grilled and then balanced with a tangy-sweet & savoury complement of honey & fresh basil. $8

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Nicky & Jessica, featured above behind our very handsome, custom-made, solid mahogany Saloon Bar, along with our super-great, and now famous, 'White Trash Nachos.' See the Toronto Star article by Corey Mintz HERE...

A lot of love, passion, pride, and know-how goes into our food. And we've been fortunate enough to garner some great acknowledgement for our hard work & care.

See our reviews, and come and taste for yourself.

All of our fare is homemade here using quality, local ingredients, healthy doses of creativity, imagination, invention, and good taste if we say so ourselves... ;)

We can be a bit playful & tongue-in-cheek with the names, but hey, that's how we roll...

At the heart of the matter, ultimately, we love well-made, hearty, homemade food.

We just sex it up and rock it out some, imbuing it with a bit of Painted Lady magic, and taking it to another level.


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Oysters on Fridays!

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